I spent 10 years wearing a mask by hiding my depression mainly because I am a social worker who happens to be a Christian and Haitian-American who only knew how to help others but did not know how to ask for help.


When I got the vision to start Rip The Stigma that is when I had to face myself and shared my story for the first time during my launch.  At that moment I felt a load melting off my shoulders.  I was too ashamed and embarrassed to share with my family and friends that depression moved in and that suicidal thoughts held me hostage! I am advocating for many people who have not found their voice to share their stories!


I am a 2x suicide survivor,  a sexual abuse survivor, a self-mutilator survivor and eating disorder survivor!


For all of you survivors, you deserve to live because you are WORTHY!

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Elise I. Antoine



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