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Mental Health Pray

Mental Health Pray is a national ministry of love to support, encourage and care for people living with the daily struggles of mental health.

Who is Mental Health Pray for?

Mental Health Pray was created for everyone including our silent followers who are not necessarily ready to open up about their mental health challenges but are seeking non-judgemental spiritual support and encouragement. This also supports caregivers who are struggling and feeling helpless. 


How can I be a part of this?

If you are interested in registering for our phone conference, please complete the form below. Feel free to submit your form with topics that you would like discussed during the phone conference or privately. You will be notified by email every month about our discussion topics, Speaker of the Month and upcoming events. 


Why was this created?

When I went through some of my darkest times, I did not have the right support from my church family. Although they prayed for me, therapy was never suggested and I lacked the true support that I needed. Therefore, I vowed to create a platform where everyone would feel safe, welcomed and supported both spiritually and mentally.  

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