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Dear Kings, you are needed!

There is nothing like having a father in your life but when you're missing a male figure or a male role model a part of you is missing. You can search many years trying to find that missing puzzle piece until you have to accept where you are.

Dear men, you are the role model that someone is looking up to!

You are respected!

You are special!

You are loved!

You are appreciated!

You are loved!

You are needed!

You are validated!

You are respected!

You are that prayer that someone has been praying and fasting for!

You are not your past!

You are not a mistake!

You are created with purpose on purpose!

You are a king!

You are a mentor!

You may have a lot of pressure that is weighing on you from society or the things you learned from your past.

The best part of life is that no one can tell your story better than you. You are the author of your life and you can choose today to work on healing your past hurt so that you can be present!

I believe in you and in your healing journey! Try to find the best therapy for you to be the best version of all of you!

Coach Elise I Antoine


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