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Why do we allow secrets to destroy our community?

I never understood why families continue to keep secrets. One of the most misleading informations is when parents assumes that their children is too young to understand what's really going on.

There are certain secrets that can truly shatter somebody's identity, strain their relationship with family and shake a community.

  • Shame is a big factor in why secrets are being kept. Because the one that's holding the secret doesn't want to be exposed or embarrass but doesn't ever think that whatever they are holding affects everybody that's involved.

  • Pride is another secrets factor because you feel like you want to "protect" your reputation and "protect" your family, but forget that generational curses travel with secrets.

When I was a little girl I resented my father because I thought he just left my mom. I didn't know that it was due to his mental illness. That his mental illness was the main reason why he wasn't part of my life.

For years I struggled feeling like, "how can he just leave us that way." Until I got older and I met him for the first time, then I got to learn a lot more.

I became even more upset just knowing that I had all this anger towards him for no reason.

Can we normalize telling the truth? Being honest and allowing people to make their own decisions about the dysfunctions and the generational issues that has happened in families and communities that are destroying people's identity?

Can we give people the opportunity to grieve in the truth? Because the truth will set you free!

Enough is enough with the lies!

Time to stop keeping secrets and speak your truth.

The more you hold on to the secrets that were passed on to you the more you are holding your truth and the more you're holding your healing the more you are stuck with all. This is unresolved trauma.

I am encouraging you to confront!

To speak up!

To share!

To walk into your truth!

To write your book!

To take the mic and to expose the secrets!

The goal is for you to heal in every area of your life. See your therapist and life Coach to start speaking up because your voice matters!


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