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What I love about being Haitian!

Let's start with the beautiful language of Kreyol! I appreciate how my mother wanted us to not only learn about our culture but it was a must to learn the language and not use our native tongue.

I love the fact that I can automatically translate English to Kreyol and there is nothing like hearing a story, proverb and joke in Kreyol.

As a foodie, the food and flavor is full of temptations! The only thing I can't truly enjoy because it would make me sick is the pikliz because I can't do spicy food. My favorite food is sweet plantains, black rice, pork or and any meat. 😉

I am also thankful for being able to go to Haiti a few times, my last trip was life changing. Let's just say that there's so much work that I desire to do in Haiti - only time will tell!

I would have to say my favorite thing about being Haitian is the kompa music and Haitian Worship music especially the (Chant D'esperance)! I have been dancing since the age of 3 (secretly wanted to be a professional dancer💃🏾) and music plays a big role in my mental health. It keeps me focused and motivated whenever I'm feeling sad or happy.

I play my kompa or worship a lot when I'm cleaning, exercising and when I want to escape!

Here's a little secret, I struggled with learning how to pronounce food in English because my mom taught me to cook foods in Kreyol. I also struggle in church with the English worship song because I spent most of my life in Haitian churches and I mainly know them in Kreyol. It took me some time and I still can't sing "what a friend we have in Jesus" in English! 🥴😫

There are so many reasons to be proud and so much work to do in the Haitian community. The marathon continues and I will continue to advocate to talk about Haitian Trauma and how proud I am to be a Haitian Woman who doesn't fear much!


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