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Therapy is one of the best investments that you can make!

As a social worker and an entrepreneur I found that therapy really helped save my life and started my healing journey with trauma.

There are many stigmas when it comes to therapy.

Some people think that if you go to therapy you're crazy and that is not true. Different cultures may feel like you have to be delusional or have to be diagnosed to go to therapy.

The truth is you can go to therapy if you feel like you just want to talk to someone who is not a family member and who's not a friend, a non bias person and everything is confident.

These are some of the ways that therapy has helped me:

1. It gave me my self-confidence back

2. Help me with my business as an entrepreneur

3. I was able to share my story for the first time even though I was scared.

4. It helps me with my trust issues

5. Helps me maintain healthy boundaries

6. It made me aware of the expectations I had and that's was what was making me disappointed.

7. It saved my life in a way of giving me a lot more hope for my future self.

After God, therapy helped save my life. It wasn't until I came to the point of accepting where I was that I was able to freely let go of the shame/doubt and have inner peace.

Therapy is one of the best investment you can make. I also recommend having a life coach as well to help you structure your business, different areas or a combination of both.

I see my therapist every week because that's where I'm at but you can choose to see your therapist however many times you need. Start your journey to healing today.


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