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#FreedomOf40 Part 2

Depression and Co-Dependent Relationship

The whole time that I was trying to escape from my pain, depression had already moved in and I was uncomfortable but I really blocked it out so I couldn't really tell what it was. 

I transferred all of my emotions and pain into my new friendship. Let's just say I kept it a secret for many years 😳 and was living a double life. I grew up being very private and secretive. 

The issue is we had a codependent relationship where we ended up spending so much time together that he was acting like he owned me. One day I was at dinner with a friend and he called me outside. He was always around and I was not sure how to get rid of him. 

He interrupted my life and became like an addiction to me. What had me stuck was his ability to make me feel calm. The thought of forgetting and feeling heard and getting lost in the moments became one of the biggest distractions. 

I had this dream that this EMT older man asked me " why did you break your covenant with God?" I woke up confused and in pure shock. I was in deep thoughts.  What covenant did I break and who was this man?


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