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Is being an Extrovert during COVID-19 really a struggle?

Being an extrovert during COVID-19 feels like a part of my life is grieving. My mind is full of hopeful thoughts but on the other hand, my energy is low. I am praying, fasting and feeling hopeful but my appetite has been cut in half. I find myself eating less, my motivation has decreased and I miss sticking to a steady schedule. Can you relate?

This has to be one of the most difficult transitions I experienced in a short frame of time. I purposely planned my schedule to incorporate social interactions as part of my mental wellness. I'm not sure if it is my need to “keep busy” but the sudden change in my schedule has me daydreaming of brunch dates and now cancelled events. The truth is if you don't enjoy being home social distancing will be challenging.

Have you been feeling inaccessible? Isolation is a big trigger for many extroverts and feeling secluded sounds like a prison sentence. It can place you in a position to be tempted to isolate. But it does not have to be. If you keep telling yourself that you're stuck then you will feel isolated. It can also invite negative thoughts to make you feel like a hostage in your own home.

I learned if you do not have control of your situation you have to let go of that thought. Repeat after me "I can not control COVID-19 but I can control my reactions and I am not a hostage in my own home.”

Here are 7 tips that can help an extrovert keep a healthy balance while social distancing:

1. Meditation- There is nothing like starting your day with peace. Schedule time for devotional, prayer, a cup of coffee and journaling. 2. Slow down- We live in a fast paced society and it is perfectly okay to slow down while we have the time to do so. 3. Plan ahead- Create a realistic schedule to give you the structure you need and to get things done. 4. Go for a walk- get fresh air to clear your mind and allow the sun to shine on you. 5. Stay connected - Call, video chat or text a loved one. You can also set up a virtual hangout! 6. Avoid over stimulating- avoid multiple distractions out of boredom. You can find yourself wasting more time in your day than being productive. 7. Self-care - Do not entertain negativity excluding toxic people, get more sleep and do activities that will motivate you.

Elise I.Antoine


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