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Life As A Black Business Owner With Mental Health Challenges

I would consider myself as someone who is "high-functioning" and creative. I have a mental health nonprofit organization and I am the CEO of a coaching business. I also have a fashion show coming up which you will learn more about on my next blog! I'm definitely busy but I still deal with depression and anxiety!

One of the biggest challenges is the lack of "body" energy! The best way I can explain it is; image you are split in half with the right side having high energy and the left side having low energy. Basically the fight is between my mind and my body.

All my body wants to do is lay down, naps, 24 hours vacation but my mind is ready to go through everything on my to-do-list and beyond with no brakes. Wait, so where do I fit in the picture? I feel like I'm caught in the middle being a mediator to me myself and my alter ego.

One thing that I had to master is knowing my triggers and that helped me set healthy boundaries and limits to keep me balanced and accountable.

This was a struggle to accept but my biggest trigger is STRESS 😳. How can I avoid stress when it's floating all around?

Here are some of the things that help me reduce stress:

  1. I had to accept that I can't handle some stress the way I used to. (It's a process so be patient with yourself)

  2. Go to therapy (a great investment)

  3. Hire a Business Coach (accountability and support)

  4. I hired an Event Planner to help execute my vision. I feel supported.

  5. Hire a Social Media Manager.

  6. Get used to delegating some responsibility to volunteers and staff. (Working as a team to ensure the goals are met)

  7. Hire a cleaning service to help declutter the areas you need to improve. (A messy space is a result of a full mind.)

You have to be okay with admitting that you need help in order to keep a healthy balance! It is NOT a sign of weakness!

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Aug 25, 2020

Love the tips you suggested to help reduce stress. Therapy is one thing I would like to explore just to see how I can improve my quality of life.

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