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When Fashion Meets Mental Health!

Did you hear the exciting news?! Yes you guess it... Rip The Stigma will be having a Virtual Fashion Show on Saturday October 10, 2020 on World Mental Health Day.

This is an opportunity for the models to walk for Mental Health Awareness and for Sexual Abuse Survivors. Talk about a unique fashion show with a purpose. Let it sink in for a moment. The fact that models are walking to bring light to many who are dealing with depression, anxiety, bipolar, schizophrenia, eating disorders is a way to encourage others that they are not alone.

The title of the fashion show is called “SECRETS UNVEILED” and it represents the private pains that people battle within. The fashion show calls for a movement to shift from shame and embarrassment to using OUR VOICE to walk in OUR TRUTH.

As the visionary, one of my goals is to make sure people understand the passion behind the idea. It will be an honor to see my vision come to life but I am more interested in if someone watches the show and it encourages them to share their story.

That is what happened during our last show. A beautiful young woman was able to share her story for the first time during one of our events. It was a true moment to see how attending a fashion show can have an impact.

That is the true ingredients to the fashion show, to help save more lives, to remind our men it's okay to express themselves and that YOUR LIFE MATTERS. The purpose of this fashion show is to continue to #ripthestigma off mental illness, bring awareness to suicide and create a safe space for individuals to speak up and share their stories.

There will be stressful times and moments when you may feel like you are not supported. Stay focused on the long-term goals. When God gives you a vision it will come to pass so be very patient with yourself and the process. I may not have everything I desire for this project at the moment but with faith, passion, joy, and God's promise, I know it will be a success!

Heyyyyyyyy, I am ready for this awesome show!

The real question is... Are you ready for SECRET UNVEILED!


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