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When hate is knocking don't allow it to seep through!

The definition of HATE is to-feel intense or passionate dislike for (someone). 

Did God make a mistake with me? Is being Black really a curse? Are we moving backwards? These are some of the questions I've been asking myself these past few weeks. No one should have to second guess themselves. When the screws start falling off your tie are you still a good driver if you crash? It's also not your fault if people teach hate and racism based on the color of your skin. 

Yes you are black, handsome and beautiful. It's not your fault if you were created fearfully and wonderfully made. Pause...It is your fault if you continue to turn the blind eyes and mumble underneath your breath “that’s none of my business”. I think that it is one of the biggest issues that gets under my skin. There is a BIG difference between probing to be nosy and speaking up when you see someone being treated unfairly. It can be uncomfortable but it can also help someone. 

 I can remember growing up being taught  to “stay in my own lane” but as I got older and witnessed so many different things. Looking back...when I was a little girl I used to like to get up in the middle of the night to make sure my family was breathing and safe. It was maybe 2am when I heard my downstairs neighbor screaming for help.  The cry for help sounded like he was in pain. I felt completely helpless. I debated if I should call 911. I ended up going back to bed and the next day I found out he died because of a drug overdose. After that happened I didn't want to ignore but help in any way I could. It inspired me to go into social work and be a change agent and use my voice to help others.   

Hate will always try to invite itself in but you can't afford to allow hate to seep through. Feelings of anger, frustration and revenge will linger around to move in but what will that solve? 

Don't feed hate but learn from it. Here is something to think about.

What are you going to do to make a change today?

Elise I Antoine

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Jun 19, 2020

Love the acronym for HATE!

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